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G. Reyes

My story starts with my bout with Lyme disease. I had been working on my weight to bring it down at my work place by walking and jogging. While jogging at work I got bitten by a deer tick. I got a slight sore throat the following two days but didn’t think much about it and it went away, so I figure it was just a slight cold that I almost caught. Another think that I started noticing was my neck started getting very stiff, especially when I wake up in the morning. By the 21st of June or about 15 days after the bite I got up that morning and felt like I couldn’t catch my breath and could not walk a couple steps without feeling this chronic fatigue that had set in. I didn’t know what was going on.

My son took me to emergency and they said that it could be Lyme disease. They started me on Antibiotics. That was the beginning of my long bout with Lyme disease and antibiotics. They tried all kinds of different antibiotics but nothing worked mean-while my muscles started to dystrophy and I couldn’t walk. I was bedridden. Just prior before becoming bed ridden I had to go on disability from work because my muscles were weakening.

Dr. started me on massive doses of erythromycin which messed-up my stomach. I got very thin and was weighing about 130 lbs, before I had been weighing about 180 lbs. It seems that the antibiotics had broken a little bit of the neurological effects. But now I could not eat because my stomach was messed-up and that brought my immune system crashing. I felt that I was going to die and finally I cried out to God and his son Jesus to heal me or take me home, as I am a Christian. Then on the summer of 2007 I had an appointment with the social security doctor located in L.A. On my way back from the doctor I was driving on Broadway and as I looked at a sign that said,” Chinese Healing Arts” I thought maybe that could be something I could consider for my illness. I kept driving and something kept telling me to make a u-turn but I kept on driving finally it got to strong and I heeded the feeling which I as Christian felt it was the Holy Spirit telling me to go back. So I did.

Thank God for leading me to Dr. Sora Lee, who God is using in tremendous way by her knowledge of acupuncture and herbal. The herb teas she gave me begin to heal my stomach which western medicine had messed-up. She checked me and said she could help me and get me back to work. At this time I didn’t think I could go back to work with this debilitating disease, but she assured me. So I agreed to come twice a week and sometime three times a week. Progress was slow but even the first time that I got the acupuncture I would feel relieve from my muscles and also my mind fogginess which occurs with Lyme disease. The first time I felt relieve for about an hour or two and gradually it got better for a longer period of time. I remember when she said that my meridians were flipped and my body system is unbalanced. As months passed I begin to feel better and I notice that my muscles were getting a little bit more firm. This was the beginning of my healing of my body and I had also started doing Tai-Chi. That helped me tone up my muscles now. She then began to tell me that I was ready to go back to work but I still didn’t feel confident and emotionally I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to do it, she continued to tell me that I was ready. So I called my supervisor and told him that I was ready to go back to work and he said he would start the paper work to get me back to work.

So after two years on disability and bedridden for 3 months I was finally going back to work. My first day at work was tough but I prayed and God got me through it. My muscles burned from walking up and down to the different buildings. But Dr. Lee did the acupuncture treatment to relieve the muscle burning, and it began to get better every day. I sometimes doubted but I prayed and I know God heard my prayers and sent an angel by the name of Sora Lee to help me.



I never write reviews but thought this place is to good not to scream it from the top of a hill.
Sora Lee is by far the best acupuncturist I have been to. Her kind and gentle spirit fill the air the minute you step foot in the door. Her knowledge is beyond any expectation. She cured me of my migraines, insomnia and leg aches. I am a new person and got my life back because of her. The facility is beautiful and calming and they sell exceptional teas. She even distills her own herbal medicine, which by the way is hard to swallow but just do it, you will not regret the transformation of your body chemistry. I must also tell you that the receptionist Melody is so kind and helpful. You will not regret going for treatment here (A plus)

“I went Dr Lee after having knee pain.. MJ – Dec 14, 2009


For many months. She did an excellent job in diagnosing my   problem and taking the appropriate measures to get me pain free. Dr Lee is a   true professional and truly cares about giving her patients first rate   care.” MJ …


Leila L. 

Great service, super knowledgeable doctor and awesome herbal treatments!  I strongly recommend it. I was having some asthma and fatigue issues and the herbal tonic prepared by Dr. Sora Lee provided great relief.


Robert S.

Dr. Sora Lee is the best at acupuncturist from my personal experience. She has a wealth of techniques that she applies to remedy any problem. I last went in for sciatica pain that I had not been able to shake loose for months. I am a 47 year old male, 6’2″, 170 lbs who frequents the gym. I thought exercise would take care of it over time; especially since it was my good leg, but I could not remedy it with exercise alone. One visit to Sora fixed the sciatica/cramped leg problem over night. Yes, 24 hours. I am back to my old self. What a welcome relief.
Thank you Doctor Lee.


Adela G.

Today I woke up with a headache. It progressively worsened throughout the day. It got to the point that I couldn’t open my eyes and I wanted to hurl. I had read some great reviews about CHA before and knew I had to give it a try. The old location was close by but the new one is closer. Thank God for my mom. She picked me up and I stumbled into CHA –Silver Lake. Dr. Lee checked me out and got to work. Within minutes I felt the pain decreasing. By the time my session was over I was 50% better. She mixed some herbs for me while I hung out and drank some white tea. By the time I left I felt 80% better.


Jaimsyne B.

Dr. Lee’s acupuncture treatments have cured my insomnia, significantly reduced the pain I experienced after a major car accident and just last week, I went in with very low energy and the following day, I felt almost new again. She also gave me a week’s supply of tea to enhance the treatment and support my recovery.

Lovely environment, exceptional service and GREAT RESULTS!

Few places provide the level of heart-centered, high level care at CHA. Go!


C. L.

I recently went to CHA to receive facial acupuncture treatments for my acne and scars on my face. Dr Lee was a great listener and was attentive the whole time. The treatment was done with the least pain inflicted due to her gentle hands. It was amazing! My scars have almost fully healed and are almost all gone now. I recommend this place to anyone who is in search of a great doctor, including beneficial elixirs to boost the immune system. She can also make custom herbal tonics special for you, which is another reason why everyone should come check the place out! Service was also amazing; the staff was very affable and the environment was very soothing, which was exactly what I was in search of. I highly recommend it! 🙂


Yana L.

I started going to this beautiful tea house for acupuncture last year. Dr Lee did an excellent job in diagnosing my problems. She is really calming and professional and cares about giving her patients first rate care.She even distills her own herbal medicine, which by the way, is hard to swallow but just do it. I always feel much better after seeing her.
Glad to know that the new office will be walking distance from my home, even the old location was beautiful place.


Eliza K.

I’ve been getting my acupuncture & wonderful teas at CHA for a few months already. I had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 35, due to severe endometriosis. Dr. Lee has helped me w/my menopause symptoms & sleepless nites. Dr. Lee & Steve (THE tea guru!) are so kind, attentive, & know their stuff! Right when you walk into this wonderful place, the smells of tea and herbal medicines are inviting. The relaxing atmosphere & tranquility help its guests feel relaxed & at ease. The staffs are sweet, knowledgeable, and always ready to brew a sampling of tea & give you all the great info you need! The GABA tea is great for relaxing & they have lavender (relaxing), rose petals, toasted sweet brown rice (my fave) & other “add-ins” to enhance your teas. I absolutely LOVE this place!!! Plus they have such lovely tea sets, storage jars, etc!


Alison C.

I’ve been suffering from extreme fatigue and occasional joint pain for years. A friend told me acupuncture was the only thing that helped him. I’d never tried acupuncture so I asked them where they went, and this was the place. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was soon put at ease and my first experience was very pleasant. After just one or two treatments I had energy like I haven’t had in years. It was really a significant difference. My other symptoms are slowly improving too and I look forward to all my sessions here because I always leave feeling better than when I came in. Highly recommended!


Javier R.

This place is totally amazing! I’ve been going there now for about 3 months and my condition keeps getting better and better. Dr. Lee is a great listener and note taker, I feel safe in her hands and would recommend this place to anyone that can benefit from Acupuncture treatment.


David K.

I have received both acupuncture and herbal medicine from Dr. Lee countless. I know they surely work excellently. I love her tonic most of all. Since I travel a lot, energy boost and getting over jetlag are huge deals for me to keep up with my routine. Her tonic herbal medicine works very adequately for my readjustments to my daily routine after long-dragging trips.

Working in health profession myself, I know the standard of care. I think Dr. Lee’s work philosophy and ethic are above and beyond. She not only addresses the immediate problems, but does not lose her focus about long-term prognosis and outcome.

The price is very reasonable too. Since I utilize acupuncture and herbs all the time I know what the reasonable cost is. I believe Dr. Lee does a great service for the community where she belongs.


John H.

I’ve been going to Chinese Healing Arts for over two years now. Until recently it has been for the magnificent Chinese teas and Steve’s great understanding and appreciation of the subject which he shares so generously. But about four months ago my back suddenly went out and I couldn’t walk around without holding on to things for support. The slightest misstep would cause stabbing jolts of excruciating pain. I’d never had acupuncture before but I knew from experiences of years past that conventional treatment was lengthy and slow to bring relief. Dr. Lee scheduled an emergency appointment for me and (though I didn’t feel immediate relief) in about five hours the pain and
other symptoms completely vanished and have never returned.