Custom Herbal Tonic / ELIXIR

Here at Chinese Healing Art (CHA), our herbal remedies are specially formulated by Dr.Lee using the finest popular natural ingredients that are primarily of plant origin, which include roots, bark, seeds, flowers and leaves. All our herbal formulas are manufactured and decocted (infused) at our facility under strict standards and quality control.

Chinese tonic herbs improve and strengthen very specific organs, systems, weaknesses, or the body as a whole. Compared to other herbs that are used for specific symptoms,Chinese tonic herbs are nourishing and nutritive and can be taken regularly for long periods of time. Tonic herbs are also known as adaptogenic, meaning that depending on the amount taken, the body regulates the beneficial herbal properties. The Chinese tonic herbs help us to adept to whatever situations we are engaged in, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual.

Herbs carry a very special consciousness and are therefore used to stimulate and increase the function of organs that are not operating at their highest level and to prevent a decline in the function of organs. Chinese tonic herbs are also used to increase the consciousness of energetic, psychological and spiritual states in the individual. Our herbal formulas are based on those used by the ancient Chinese medicine system for over five thousand years in order to maintain and optimize health, strength and stamina. Our custom botanicals undergo a superior in-house preparation technique to retain their full essence and bioavailability.


CUSTOM HERBAL TONIC is  available upon request  for each individual’s body conditions and symptoms after consultation. Herbs are selected, which are suitable to person’s constitution in order to resolve the root of the problems.

In addition, our herbal remedies (ELIXIR) come in pre-mixed in liquid tonic, which is infused and pre-packed  for your convenience.  These are the descriptions of each tonic, which can help to relieve various symptoms and conditions of the body.

****  CHA  ELIXIR  ****

# 2 only Constipation, abdominal pain, distention & fullness, Indigestion
Allergy free Sinus, Nasal drip and congestion, allergy from pollen and dust, red, itchy &watery eyes
Cholesterol eater High cholesterol, High triglycerides, Hyperlipidermia, Obesity, weight control
Curve appeal Obesity, weight control, High triglycerides, hyperlipidermia
Rejuvenation Fatigue , lack of energy, Low motivation or desire, Lethargy
Energy Tonic Extreme fatigue & low energy, Shortness of the breath, Spontaneous sweating,
low appetite and desire, low motivation, fogginess of the head, poor concentation
Forever Young wrinkle &sagging skin, dull complexion, fatigue, dizziness , blurry &diminished vision
Fountain youth Kidney deficiency, getting aged, low female libido, lack of energy, drive, & motivation
Gentle flow Abdominal cramps &lower back pain in Menstruation, irregular menstruation, P.M.S.
Gentle tummy Indigestion, abdominal pain, distention, &gasfullness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, I.B.S.
Gentlemen’s Tonic Lack of Energy or motivation,low voice, dull complexion, Spontaneous sweating
low appetite, slow digestion
Get up &Go Feeling tired and heavy in the morning , foggy head, lack of energy and motivation
Love Handles Obesity, weight control, High triglycerides, Hyperlipidermia
Have a Nice day Stress, Anxiety, depression, nervousness and Irritability, panic attack, insomnia 
Heart & Soul Poor blood circulation, sharp pain due to injury or trauma, neck & back pain after car accident, Numbness & spasm in the extremities
Immune Boost Low resistance to common cold and allergy, low Immune system
Lady’s Tonic Anemia, pale complexion, lack of energy, dizziness, insomnia, poor appetite
Little Einstein Poor memory &concentration, forgetfulness, poor appetite, lack of motivation
Little Giant Child impairment of growth, fatigue, poor appetite, indigestion, diarrhea
Man no pause Menopause Syndrome, emotional distress, hot flash, Insomnia, spontaneous sweating
Mind, Spirit,& Body Physical and mental exhaustion & imbalance
No Headache Headache due to stress, Migraine, Heaviness of the head, neck tension
Rosy Cheeks Acne, pimple in the face, skin rash and itchiness due to stress and heat toxin or
hormonal imbalance
Silky&Smooth Dry & rough skin, dryness in the lips, mouth, &eyes, thirsty, constipation due to Yin Def.
Body Detox Detoxification from Liver due to long-term exposure to drugs, mediciations,
chemicals & toxic substances, and high level of stress
Super Charger Male sexual dysfunction, low libido, lack of energy and sexual drive, fatigue
Impotence, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, low sperm count
Tummy Tonic Gastritis, Ulcer, Acid-reflux, Heart burn, stomach pain and discomfort, Indigestion
Turbo Charger Male sexual dysfunction, low libido, lack of energy and sexual drive, fatigue
Up and Up Depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, frustration, emotional shock,
lack of motivation, fatigue
Under the Weather Fever, sore throat, swollen gland, congestion with purulent phlegm, cough
Dark Hair Gray Hair, Hair loss, poor concentration, forgetfulness, tinnitus, ear ringing, blurry vision
Z-Z Special Insomnia, hard to fall asleep, easily awaken, restless sleep, easily frightened
Oh! My Back Sciatica, Pain in the lower back, knee, ankle, & foot due to Kidney def.,
soreness, weakness, and heavy sensation in the back and legs
Diet beat us Diebetes (high blood sugar), severe fatigue, thirsty & hungry a lot, frequent urination
High per Tension High blood pressure, neck tension & headache, red eyes, easily being mad