New year’s resolution!

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A New Year: Renewed Health @ CHA!

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What is it about our New Year’s Resolutions that sometimes leaves us unresolved?

The New Year invites us with new intentions and the wonder of possibility for every aspect of our lives. We start anew with excitement and enthusiasm for all we plan to accomplish, enjoy and change.

We promise to exercise, more. Eat healthier; make wiser choices; Maybe we promise ourselves to have one less coffee a day; fewer sweets and maybe even take a leap of faith in areas of our lives where we feel most uncertain of–but somehow, leaping feels like the right thing to do. We make plans for endless lists of what we will change about our last year resolutions that didn’t seem to work out the way we “planned.”

What if, instead of overwhelming ourselves with unrealistic expectations and demands at the onset of this New Year we simply and carefully take a conscious moment (a precious moment) and just try to simplify our lives a little bit each day. What if, instead of pressuring ourselves with any aspect of our lives, we make a minor adjustment to our every day and do one thing that will help us heal, thrive and enjoy our lives, a little more than we did–last year.

Here at CHA, Chinese Healing Arts & Acupuncture we want to help you accomplish your desires for health and happiness this year! By incorporating acupuncture as one of your modalities for wellbeing, you can change your life. We will work with you to help you lose unwanted weight, gently, without unnecessary fads and unrealistic expectations. Email to book your appointment!