rooibos tea

DETOX and cleansing systems are essential aspects in bringing you back your healthy life, increasing energy & motivation, and enhancing overall your well-being.

Detoxification is the treatment of eliminating toxic substances due to long-period consumption of medications, drug, tobacco, alcohol, poor diet with M.S.G., preservatives and pesticides, stressful life styles, and environmental pollution.  This unhealthy buildup of toxins will affect your Liver and Kidneys as well as the other organs in the body and result in various diseases later on in your life.

DETOX TREATMENT, a process using herbal tonic, is the most natural way to clean your system to optimize your health, strength, and stamina. Herbal tonic has been based on ancient Chinese medicine systems for over five thousand years and continues to still be in use today.

Chinese herbs may improve and strengthen very specific organs, systems, weaknesses, or the body as a whole. Herbs carry a very special consciousness and are therefore used to detoxify toxins, which may stimulate and increase the function of organs that are not operating at their highest levels and prevent decline in the function of organs. 

Here at CHA, we have a different approach for each individual’s condition to detoxify and clean the system through Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.