About us


The primary goal of CHA is to provide alternative holistic medicine for better health and well-being.


Dr. Lee’s philosophy of healing as a caring, professional and compassionate practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, is to stimulate self inner-healing and to support one’s well being in the mind, body and spirit using alternative and natural methods.

She is a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist in Los Angeles, CA and has been practicing Oriental Medicine since 1999. She holds a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine from Dongguk Royal University of Oriental Medicine, graduating Magna Cum Laude and had finished Doctorate in Emperor’s college.  She also received a diploma of MISO Facial Acupuncture from Korean Medicine Facial Rejuvenation(K.M.F.R.) Society.

She has been on the faculty at the Donkguk Royal University from 2001-2006, starting as an herbal pharmacy director to later teaching herbs and acupuncture, and working in D.R.U. clinic as a clinic intern supervisor treating hundreds of patients with intern students. Also, she had worked as a director of K.M.F.R. in 2011-2012 and assisted an instructor making a seminar text book. She has been teaching Herb and herb formula at Golden State University of Asian Medicine. 

She is currently working at Chinese Healing Arts in Silver Lake with expertise in a variety of complementary modalities including Korean Saam 4 needle technique, traditional Chinese medicine, Cupping, and Moxibustion. She has successfully treated patients with the problems including pain control, stress management, detoxification, energy enhancement, digestive disorder, allergy, and effectively alleviated symptoms associated with immune system and hormonal imbalance.

In addition, she is specializing in Acupuncture Face-lift (Cosmetic acupuncture) and has successfully treated patients for a wide range of facial conditions including dull complexion, deep wrinkles, double chin, droopy eyes, eye bags, crow’s feet, smoke line, naso-labial line, acne, scars, and bell’s palsy,  associated with Zang –fu and/or Qi and blood imbalance.

Staffed with a team of highly experienced herbalist and licensed Acupuncturist, CHA infuses thousands of years of knowledge in Chinese medicine into an easy to understand and effective form of treatment to balance the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Nestled in Los Angeles, Silver Lake, our clinic has rapidly established itself. We have successfully treated patients with many different conditions and not only local residents attend but also our patients have come from afar.

Dr. Sora Lee, DAOM, L.Ac.

** Education

Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Emperor’s college, CA

Diploma of “Miso Facial Acupuncture from Korean Medicine Facial Rejuvenation Society” (KMFR) 

Saam Korean 4 needle technique & Master Tong’s technique course

TCM Cosmetology by Dr. Chen 

Dongguk Royal University (DRU), CA. Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

Pusan National University, South Korea, Bachelor of Art

Kosin University, College of Medicine, South Korea, Pre-Medical course 

** Awards, Fellowships, Grants

Appreciation award as pharmacy director

Dongguk Royal University, Magna cum Laude

Outstanding achievement award in clinical internship 

** Positions Held

Professor in Golden State University of Asian Medicine (current) 

Director of KMFR in USA

DRU Clinic Supervisor, Professor, Clinic Herbal Pharmacy Director